On April 10, the International Day for the Sterilization Sciences was celebrated. In spite of the exceptional and dramatic circumstances that surround us under the pandemic of the COVID-19, this event was a motive of joy and pride in all the RUMED, CSSD, CME, CEyES, CSU, CSPD and other denominations with which around the world, we refer to the Reprocessing Units for Medical Devices.

The social networks were filled with messages and photos from professionals from all over the world, who with great emotion, congratulated their colleagues from other countries who were aware of the special relevance that their work represents in these hard days.

From Nicaragua, we had the great luck to participate online in the second workshop of the CEyES supervisors held in that country, which coincided with that symbolic day. We also received precious photos from hospitals in Colombia, Peru and on LINKEDIN, many messages from hospitals in Brazil, France, USA and Spain filled the networks.

RUMED... The heartbeat of the hospital. If there is no heartbeat, the heart stops, making the body stop as well. So, let's keep BEATING TOGETHER, each time stronger! Let the heartbeat become a VOICE and generate echo. Thanks to all the professionals who, day by day, take care of every detail, investigate and promote the safety and culture of reprocessing of sanitary materials. Without RUMED, we could not have health centers and without professionals of sterilization, we would not have RUMED.

Happy April 10th, World Sterilization Sciences Day!


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