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We have developed our modular sterilisation unit to provide an innovative and high quality response to the difficulties encountered during the operation or renewal of equipment in sterilization units. The modular solution can be used as a temporary element during the refurbishment of the health centre or as a permanent element to support or replace an existing unit. The quality of our equipment combined with this concept results in an excellent tool to respond to certain types of work difficulties.

Ease of installation: with the transport vehicle itself, we can position the modules, thus avoiding the need for cranes. With this solution, integration into the health centre’s workflow takes just a few days.

Modularity: easy adaptation to production needs by adding modules to existing ones.

And finally, we paid special attention to water and air treatment, interior finishes and airtight doors.

Nothing has been left to chance. Our collaboration with engineering companies specialising in sterilization and pharmaceutical installations has enabled us to achieve a high level of quality.


Access to the washing area is via the staff changing rooms. Motorised and conditioned doors allow easy access to the transport carts. The area is equipped with two washing tables, three washers with a capacity of eighteen baskets and a transfer for the return of accessories from the clean area.
The washing of the carts is carried out in a room with conditioned sliding doors that communicates with the sterile material collection area, guaranteeing the principle of “forward movement“.


The packaging area is accessed from the sterile area using an airlock and a digital code.

The integrated air-conditioning system allows an ISO 8 classification level to be achieved in this area, which has sufficient working space and the capacity to expand by adding new modules.

The three Steam sterilizers with a capacity of eight SM (Sterilization Module) and one Low-Temperature sterilizer ensure high productivity.


In this area we have a supervisory station and a space for loading the transport carts. Motorised and conditioned doors ensure that they are easy to manoeuvre.