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Working at Matachana

We take care of our team members

The knowledge, skills and expertise of our personnel are the key factors on which MATACHANA’s success in the market is based.

The way we relate to our people and to one another within the organisation, as well as the determination with which we implement our values and objectives, are of prime importance to keep us on the course of the company’s growth and expansion.


Our values

First of all, customer focus: since the company was founded, the Matachana family has instilled in its employees the commitment to place the customer at the heart of its business activities, seeking maximum proximity and providing them with quality products and services.

In second place, commitment: responsibility to our customers and to all our personnel is the value that constantly guarantees our organisation, conveying honesty and transparency at all times.

Third, entrepreneurial spirit: to the value of commitment we must add initiative and proactivity, the ability to initiate actions and propose practical and effective ideas leading to improvements in processes and products with a clear focus on continuous progress, innovation and the internationalisation of the company.

In fourth place, teamwork: this is the strategy that leads each department, section or division to achieve levels of development and progress sustained by creative enrichment and by the emergence of knowledge and initiatives. This results from the synergy generated when working in a coordinated manner and with a sense of collaboration and commitment within each member.


MATACHANA’s mission is to fulfil the needs and objectives of our customers by providing products that incorporate the most advanced technology for the Healthcare and Life Science sectors. From our commitment to quality and sharing the cumulative experience of over 60 years in the design and development of cutting-edge technology equipment.


Our forward-looking is, from the concept of a family business, to maintain our position of world leaders within a dynamic framework as well as with a constant and sustained growth. To make our brand and our products internationally recognised as a benchmark of the highest quality and technology.


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Antonio Matachana, S.A.
C/ Copèrnic 8, 08860 Castelldefels | Barcelona (España)


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