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On 18 and 19 September, the company HOSPIMED, distributor in Panama of the company MATACHANA, organised several STERILIZATION SEMINARS, aimed at RUMED (CSSD) personnel. During these sessions, various topics were presented to strengthen the knowledge on reprocessing of medical devices, bearing in mind that it is important to visualise the future but without forgetting where we come from. Based on this and in direct connection with Barcelona, Elena Lorenzo, head of the Matachana International Education Center, gave an on-line presentation on the evolution and transformation that sterilization departments have undergone over the years. Next, Vitalino Mosquera, line specialist at HOSPIMED, presented the characteristics of automated washing and the generalities of steam sterilization and, in closing, Giovanna Ruiz, Clinical Specialist for LATAM at MATACHANA, spoke about the advantages of steam sterilizers, as well as the synergy between Low Temperature Steam Sterilization and 2% Formaldehyde and Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide sterilization methods.


The seminars were held in two different venues, emblematic for Panamanian professionals:

  1. CIUDAD SALUD, a healthcare complex, a landmark for Central America, composed of several buildings housing specialties such as paediatrics, cardiology, internal medicine, surgery, hospitalisation and specialised rehabilitation. It has 3 highly sophisticated RUMED, equipped with MATLD thermodisinfector washers and automatic loading and unloading systems, MATLD2000 washing tunnels, S1000 and S2000 steam sterilizers, 130HPO® Hydrogen Peroxide sterilizer and a treatment plant for bio-sanitary waste, a great work of engineering, for safe, quality health care.

  3. HOSPITAL SANTO TOMÁS, which in addition to providing health services to the population, is the teaching hospital for all Panamanian health professionals. The talks on reprocessing were the prelude to the LII SEMINARIOS CIENTÍFICOS MÉDICOS & XLII SEMINARIOS DE ENFERMERÍA, held on 20 and 22 September, giving recognition and importance to the Medical Device Reprocessing Centres.


Congratulations to the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NURSES OF PANAMA, for their commitment to continuing education and a million thanks to all participants!!!!