MIEC lands in Kazakhstan:

On 28th September, the company OST-FARM, MATACHANA’s distributor in the Republic of Kazakhstan and jointly with the Department of Public Health of the Pavlodar region, organized a seminar entitled “Reprocessing of medical devices: standards and innovations”.
The conference took place at the Pavlodar Municipal Hospital and was attended by the regional health authorities, who introduced the prevalence of nosocomial infections in the local hospital centers, as well as improvements implemented in recent years to reduce them. Likewise, the hospital’s sterilization Manager was present too.

The main speaker was the Infection Control Specialist, Ms. Elena Lorenzo, who gave an overview of the different stages of medical devices’ reprocessing, paying special attention to automated cleaning and disinfection processes, providing advice for the packaging of medical devices and a review of sterilization methods used in hospitals, with special reference to the low temperature steam sterilization system with formaldehyde. The company OST-FARM held several practical workshops during the event to showcase its different product lines in the field of “Infection Control”. The seminar was held from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. and was attended by more than 80 epidemiologists, supervisors from operating rooms and sterilization departments, attending physicians, etc.

The rating by all participants was very positive.

Congratulations to OST-FARM for the fine work and the success achieved!!


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