On April 10th, it was a great honor for us to welcome the members of the Sterile Barrier Association (SBA) to our production center in Castelldefels, coinciding with their annual meeting in the city of Barcelona.

The SBA is the European association of manufacturers of Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS) and associated equipment & accessories for the healthcare industry. All of them are elements that are commonly used in our hospital RUMED and that play a fundamental role: preserving the sterility achieved in our sterilizers until the instruments are used with the patients. During their meetings, we discussed novelties related to all these products, we had the opportunity to update our knowledge and wrote guides and recommendations on the correct use of all these medical products in the healthcare centers that are available on their website:

That afternoon, over 40 participants from different companies visited our factory, training center and the sterilization museum, which exhibits unique elements, some of which are more than 60 years old and show the evolution of this equipment in recent times towards safer, more automatic and intuitive devices.

An important part of the meeting was dedicated to the Low Temperature Steam and Formaldehyde Sterilization System with 2% formaldehyde. The LTSF MATACHANA  technology, represented by the 130LF sterilizer. The attendees were introduced to the operating principles of this equipment, the principle of microbicidal activity of the sterilizing agent, profiles of the work cycles, system compatibility with the main manufacturers of medical devices, without forgetting the sterile barrier systems that can be used with this technology. Highlights included all aspects related to operator safety, system validation and the excellent penetration capacity of the sterilizing agent. This has made it the favorite system for the sterilization of very long, narrow and complex lumens, mainly characterized by complex digestive endoscopy.

We would like to thank all the participants for their visit, the interest shown during the meeting and their friendliness. Special thanks to Mr. Bernhard Schilling, SBA President, for his friendly and helpful contribution during the preparation of the meeting, and also to Mayte Rojas, from the company BOLSAPLAST, as coordinator of the whole event in Barcelona.



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