WFHSS 2017

From 5 to 6 October, the 18th edition of the World Federation for Hospital Sterilization Supplies took place in Bonn, Germany. The WFHSS is an organization fully dedicated to the global promotion of harmonization of medical device reprocessing units and aseptic practices, providing a place where national entities dedicated to this field stimulate cooperation, information exchange and improved practices.
During the scientific Congress, the most topical issues affecting this sector were discussed: cleaning and disinfection, flexible endoscope reprocessing, testing and packaging, sterilization, flow management and logistics in the RUMED, quality and risk management, process validation, human resources management and staff training in these departments. At the same time, the leading infection control companies showcase the sector’s most eye-catching developments and innovations. MATACHANA, which has been present since the beginning of this Congress even since its predecessors, has participated in this edition as a GOLDEN sponsor, showing in the stand its new MAT LD washing line, specifically with 2 models: MAT LD1000 and MAT LD500, the new mini sterilizer 50 HPO® by hydrogen peroxide with plasma phases and the new MATACHANA High Speed130LFHS Low Temperature Steam sterilizer with Formaldehyde. All these novelties were very well received by the multitude of attendees who came to our stand to observe directly all these new equipment.
The 18th edition of the WFHSS is especially important for MATACHANA, as it was the official premiere of MATACHANA GERMANY GmbH in front of its customers, as a sign of the uniformity of all the companies that now make up MATACHANA.
On Friday the 6th, during the satellite symposium, Mr. Marino Alonso, Director of Marketing and Competence Center of MATACHANA, gave a presentation on the branding achieved by our company, as well as the strengthening of the company’s internationalization throughout the world, with subsidiaries present in all continents (France, Germany, Italy, USA, Malaysia and China) and in more than 110 distributors. Ms. Elena Lorenzo, Infection Control and MIEC Manager, showed the technical profiles of MAT LD washing equipment, highlighting its efficiency, its concern for environmental impact and the great versatility and care for the well-being of users that can be appreciated throughout the range.
Finally, Dr. Tronje von dem Hagen made an interesting and technical presentation on the coexistence of low temperature sterilization technologies, highlighting the normative and occupational safety aspects that affect the different techniques.
MATACHANA is grateful for all the visits received, both from customers and suppliers, with whom we had the opportunity to share good times. See you in Mexico 2018!

wfhss 2017

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