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The integrated cleaning, disinfection and sterilization central at the OSI Donostialdea has a reprocessing capacity of more than 90,000 annual Technical Sterilization Units (TSUs), equivalent to about 45,000 surgical procedures per year, and therefore it is able to provide services to all OSI Donostialdea plants.

The unit includes a special ultrasonic irrigator to wash da Vinci® Xi robot arms, three double-chamber washers, a delicate material washer, a high-volume material washing cabin, five MATACHANA S1008 steam sterilizers, three hydrogen peroxide sterilizers, one of them a MATACHANA 130HPO®, an ethylene oxide sterilizer, an automatic detergent dosing unit, a specific air and water treatment system as well as mains steam, as the sterilizers work with the steam generated by the hospital itself.

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We start up the spring with a new edition of MATACHANA Magazine, with the aim to keep informing of our news, and to share with all our readers interesting interviews and articles from professionals related to the world of Infection Control in Healthcare and Life Science.

In this new edition of MATACHANA Magazine, readers will know at first hand, among other information, the comparative study of:

  • Low Temperature sterilization technologies carried out at the West China Hospital located in the city of Chengdu.
  • The architecture of the future and how it will be healthier and more inclusive to improve the well-being of our society.
  • The commitment made by the Hospital de Barcelona, one of the most important private centers in the city, for the new Infection Control technologies with a comprehensive MATACHANA solution
  • The great growth of MVO, the first industrial company to offer a sterilization solution "in situ" in France.
  • The functions of preventive medicine in the RUMED (Reprocessing Units for Medical Devices) or also known worldwide as CSSD (Central Sterile Services Department) and the great challenge that involved the construction of one Central in the National Hospital of Sri Lanka in a limited space 60 m2.
  • The importance of good practices in the reprocessing of ophthalmological devices according to those responsible for the Hospital of Sta. Creu i Sant Pau and the great work done by the Elena Barraquer Foundation organizing health care expeditions in countries with a high poverty rate to operate of cataracts free of charge.

In this 6th edition of MATACHANA Magazine, we also travel to Brazil, in Moriah Hospital, to talk about one of the most revolutionary trends in recent years in the hospital-medical sector, such as the implantation of robotic surgery and its recent experience with the acquisition of the first Xi platform in Latin America and the MATACHANA 130HPO® sterilizer.


Bürkert distinguishes MATACHANA GROUP publishing a Best Practice which highlights the success of a collaboration that currently has more than 25 years of history. A firm commitment from MATACHANA GROUP towards Bürkert valves and their integration in our products.


We inform you that ANTONIO MATACHANA S.A. has achieved ASME certification (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). Our Production Center in Cardedeu has recently obtained its approval certificate of ASME related to the Design and Manufacture of pressure vessel.

Congratulations to all the team!!

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