Last September, the new medical device reprocessing unit started operating at Hospital de Barcelona, where the latest generation washing equipment has been installed. This integrated solution by MATACHANA positions Hospital de Barcelona, at the forefront of new Infection Control technologies. Specifically, it has chosen the model MAT LD thermal disinfecting washers, which suppose an improvement in terms of environmental protection and an increase in productivity.

In terms of sterilization, way beyond the steam equipment that is already in operation, a Low Temperature hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer has also been introduced (130HPO®), which on a daily basis is combined with another Low Temperature Steam with Formaldehyde (130LF) model. In this way, according to the centre's specific needs, either one system or the other can be used, giving Hospital de Barcelona maximum flexibility for sterilizing thermosensitive material.

Given that one of the irreplaceable priorities for clinical patient safety in operating theatres is the cleanliness, disinfection and sterilization of surgical material, the choice of adequate equipment for this unit has also been essential. Likewise, the involvement and assessment of nursing staff has been very positive regarding the use of these new systems.

The Hospital de Barcelona, one of the most important private centres on the city (and the first cooperative hospital in the world), is fully aware of the basic priorities of equipping the surgery block: the safety of patients and the equipment. Since 2014, its 14 operating theatres have been undergoing a renovation plan in phases, both in terms of structures (floors and lighting) as well as equipment. The annual investment destined to this concept is usually around half a million Euros, according to specific needs. In 2018 the process culminated with the commissioning of a new reprocessing unit for medical devices.

Today Hospital de Barcelona is one of the most prestigious private centres in Catalonia and the accumulated records of hospital activity since it opened in 1989 demonstrate the importance of the infrastructure: almost 400,000 surgical procedures, nearly 50,000 births, 270,000 outpatients, more than one million emergency visits covered…

As a tertiary healthcare centre, Hospital de Barcelona has a superior infrastructure level, guaranteeing the best patient care. The renovation plan is constantly evolving, due to the advancement of technology and the nature of the centre: it surgical activity takes place in 14 operating theatres where approximately 16,000 procedures are carried out every year, in the different areas of specialisation.

In order to fulfil its commitment to quality, in an environment that is advancing at a frenzied pace, it is important to implement new, proven technologies, thus optimising resources.

When it comes to the design and renewal of the infrastructure, it is essential to know, on the one hand, the type of activity to be carried out, and in the specific case of operating theatres, to consider aspects relating to anaesthetics and safety, and introduce risk prevention measures. In this regard, with selective criteria that provides value, it has opted for the best and most advanced technologies available on the market.


Dr. Miquel Gómez, Deputy Medical Director of Hospital de Barcelona
Aurora Yuste, Surgical Area Coordinator of Hospital de Barcelona


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