CANTEGRIL is a private health care entity, which has modern equipment regards to infrastructure and technology at the level of medical center. They are the first in the area, whose RUMED includes a Low Temperature Sterilizer with a 130HPO® hydrogen peroxide and innovative in terms of cleaning and thermodisinfection of material thanks to MAT LD500 washers and an ultrasonic tank. The reprocessing is completed with two steam sterilizers, models SC500 and S1000.

On December 11, 12 and 13, Giovanna Ruiz Beltrán, MATACAHANA Clinical Specialist for LATAM, carried out training and support tasks with the unit’s personnel, emphasizing the new technologies available. During the training, important variables of hydrogen peroxide sterilization were acknowledged, such as total cycle time, compatibilities of materials, load patterns and the use of the different sterilization programs: Rapid, Advanced and Standard. It is well known that the 130HPO® is a device that can be completely monitored with Chemical and Biological Indicators and with the PCD as a routine control for programs with lumens. The sterilizing solution is presented in the BluKat® package, which stands out for its safety and easy handling. Another factor to highlight is the shift from manual cleaning processes to mechanical washing and disinfection, providing greater security to the reprocessing of medical devices.

As an added bonus, the automatic washing process generates comfort and safety for the personnel who carry out these tasks. Didactic work was carried out on the different washers' accessories, together with the application and importance of the Ao Value for thermodisinfection in the different programs, demonstrating their microbiological effectiveness and quality assurance in the RUMED.

This reprocessing unit of medical devices has the distinction of relying on a wonderful human talent, with expertise, dedication and great qualities that will turn the RUMED of the Sanatorio Cantegril into a reference point in Uruguay. 



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