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In mid-July, the new Medical Device Reprocessing Unit of the Instituto Valenciano de Oncología (IVO), a monographic hospital dedicated exclusively to patients affected by oncological pathologies and which is currently one of the reference centres in Spain for cancer therapy and research.

The IVO has undertaken a major renovation of its surgical block which, as a consequence, has led to the updating of its sterilization unit, centralising all the reprocessing stages in a single space, specifically equipped for this purpose and incorporating the latest existing technology.

Likewise, the inclusion of robotic surgery has led to changes in some reprocessing practices, thanks to the acquisition of specific accessories for the cleaning and disinfection of Da Vinci instruments.

Specifically, the company MATACHANA has installed the following equipment: 2 MATACHANA MAT LD1000 washers thermodisinfectors, 2 MATACHANA S1008 sterilizers, 1 washing area with ultrasonic tank and all the furniture for the different work areas, including a pass-through cabin for the transfer of sterile material trolleys to the operating rooms and the rest of the hospital’s patient units.

Staff training was carried out on the first day of the training, through theoretical presentations in the central itself, which allowed the practical visualisation of the profiles of the equipment live. During the second session, practical exercises were carried out on the spot, with a review of procedures and the unit’s operating protocol.

From MATACHANA, we would like to thank the nursing management for the kind treatment received and especially congratulate the staff of the sterilization Central for their motivation and enthusiasm during the training days.
Good luck and thank you for your contribution to patient safety!