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On 22 April, we were honored to be invited by Rosa Carbajal, lecturer of the second specialty in Sterilization Plant Management at the Norbert Wiener University in Peru, to share experiences on Quality Management in RUMED.

Giovanna Ruiz Beltrán, Clinical Specialist at Matachana Group, shared an online master class on the principles and attributes of Quality in the health sector. The talk was very enjoyable, discussing guidelines for the development of quality indicators (KPIs) and their effect on continuous improvement plans in Reprocessing Units.


MIEC en PERÚ: Impactando sobre la Calidad en la RUMED


At the end of the training session, an inspiring dialogue took place among the attendees, where the importance of regulatory standards for the manufacture of equipment and the correct application of international standards in certification processes became evident.

From MATACHANA, we congratulate the Norbert Wiener University and Ms. Carbajal, for promoting postgraduate education focused on sterilization sciences.

Thank you very much for the invitation!