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On 21 April 2021, staff training and the start-up of the Hospital Latorre took place, a modern facility that will provide healthcare services in the city of Soria (Spain). In fact, it will be the first private healthcare institution in the city. During the day, there was a theoretical training on basic aspects related to the prevention of nosocomial infections and a very intense practical part, focused on the use of the different equipment that MATACHANA has developed for the hospital. the different devices that MATACHANA has installed in this hospital.Specifically, MATACHANA has supplied all this equipment: 1 integrated ultrasound with 24-litre tank, 2 MAT LD500 thermodisinfector washers, 1 CANTEL ISA reprocessor, 1 MATACHANA S1006 sterilizer, 1 MATACHANA S100 sterilizer, 1 MATACHANA 50 HPO® hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, as well as several bedpan washer-disinfectors distributed throughout the facility.

MATACHANA would like to thank the great interest shown by all the staff and the high level of participation of the attendees.

At the end of the session, MATACHANA handed over the poster “Latimos más que nunca” (beating more than ever), the slogan of our last RUMED visibility campaign, wishing that the Hospital Latorre becomes a health reference in the province of Soria.