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On the 24th of January 2023, the operating theatre and sterilization staff of the HLA PERPETUO SOCORRO clinic in Lleida, Spain, received training.

During the session, knowledge was reinforced on cleaning and disinfection of surgical material, as well as on the new low-temperature sterilization technology implemented by the Hospital, vaporised hydrogen peroxide with plasma phases. The training was divided into a theoretical part, where the attendees raised questions and doubts about the new procedures, followed by an intense practical part, training with all the new equipment that forms part of the reprocessing unit.

Specifically, the installation is made up of the following elements:

  • Manual washing area, with integrated ultrasound equipment and furniture.
  • 2 MAT LD1000 washers, with their trolleys and complementary elements.
  • Preparation and inspection furniture
  • 2 MATACHANA S1000 Steam Sterilizers
  • 1 MATACHANA 130HPO® Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer
  • Storage area furniture
  • 2 flexible endoscopy reprocessors with their transport trolleys



    From MATACHANA, we hope that the training has been fruitful and that the city of Lleida can benefit from the cutting-edge health services that, from the spring of 2023, the refurbished Clinic will be able to offer.