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On 9 and 10 November 2021, the 1st course on flexible endoscopy reprocessing was held at the Hospital Universitario Infanta Leonor de Vallecas, Madrid, (Spain). Coinciding with the recent installation and commissioning of 4 CANTEL ISA reprocessors, the hospital, together with the technical participation of MATACHANA, prepared some interesting training days with free access to all hospital staff, attended by the personnel of the endoscopy, sterilization and preventive medicine units.

During the course, aspects related to cleaning, disinfection, drying and transport of flexible endoscopes were combined, using the ESGENA reprocessing guidelines as a reference. There was also an update on clinical microbiology, very focused on the current pandemic and the prevention and education campaigns undertaken, vital to understand and protocolise work guidelines and appropriate prevention measures in these units.

Seminario Rumed durante la pandemia en Filipinas

The Asociación Española de Enfermería en Endoscopia Digestiva -AEEED (Association of Nursing in Digestive Endoscopy) has recognised this course as “Activity promoting development in scientific/technical training for nursing in endoscopy”. This, after analysing the documentation and considering that both the organisation and the proposed topics were consistent with the objective of interrelation and dissemination of knowledge expressed in the statutes of the AEEED.

MATACHANA, together with the Hospital Universitario Infanta Leonor, is pleased with the recognition received, highlighting the importance of the processes developed in the flexible reprocessing units and their crucial importance for patient safety.