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On 25 November, the group of expert nurses in sterilization in Catalonia, together with the Official College of Nurses of Barcelona, organised a meeting to discuss “The new Medical Device Regulation and the reprocessing of single-use material”. Two express morning and afternoon sessions were held, in which the members of the group participated together with a series of guest speakers. During the sessions, the new European Regulation on Medical Devices (MDR) was presented, giving special relevance to article 17, which explains the conditions under which EU member states could admit the reprocessing of single-use material and whether this possibility will be included in the Spanish Royal Decree. In addition to the legal part and how it would affect in practice and organisationally our RUMED, several Catalan hospitals explained what is their reality and the daily management that is currently carried out with the single-use material.

Seminario Rumed durante la pandemia en Filipinas

Ms. Elena Lorenzo, head of MATACHANA MIEC, gave a presentation explaining the international situation of single-use reprocessing, commenting on the examples of Germany, the United States and China and other considerations of an ethical and legal nature.

The event was very well attended: more than 200 professionals from Catalan hospitals gathered at the College of Nursing, generating a large number of questions that were answered during the open table at the end of the event.

From MATACHANA, we would like to congratulate and thank the committee of experts for organising such an extremely interesting meeting where topics of great importance for our reprocessing services are always discussed. We are already looking forward to the next face-to-face conference in autumn 2022!