Incubator IC10/20

Multipurpose incubator with 39 spot tests for incubation of biological indicators from 2nd generation and other temperature elements needed for verifying the growth of thermophilus microorganism.

It has two temperature controllers, depending on the test organism used: 37 °C for Bacillus subtilis (ethylene oxide and dry heat) and 60 °C for Bacillus stearothermophilus (formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide and steam). 

A space for inclusion of a digital thermometer for checking the temperature achieved is included. 

Fluorescence incubator

Multipurpose 12 spot tests incubator for incubation of biological indicators from 3rd generation at various times and temperatures, with spectrofluorimetry detection system.  

Se pueden seleccionar dos temperaturas en función del organismo de ensayo utilizado: 37 °C for Bacillus subtilis (ethylene oxide) and 60 °C for Bacillus stearothermophilus (Formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide and steam).

The fluorescence incubator contains a triple traceability system:

  • Traceabililty software
  • Print out of process tickets
  • Biological indicators labels
  • Unambiguous identification of the vial positioned with the result in the ticket printer.

The traceability software provides an option analysis of traceability (RGB) by calculating a specific algorithm that takes into account the many variables and estimates the risk of infection in the sterilization central from the registering of biological indicators.




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