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Over 50 years ago, Antonio Matachana started a business project with a clear objective: to offer a quality product and service. Over time, with the acquisition of knowledge and experience, constant investment in research and development as well as an on-going internationalization process, MATACHANA GROUP has established itself as a benchmark provider of technological solutions for the Healthcare and Life Science sectors.

This strong growth is and has been possible thanks to the participation of a team of experts; meticulous, eager, ambitious, creative and, above all, committed. From the first of the operators from our production site, to the heads of the international subsidiaries, through engineers, commercial agents, designers, administrators and technicians; all of us being a part of MATACHANA GROUP are aware that our project goes beyond the merely economic and business scopes. It has indeed a direct influence on the daily lives of many people around the world.

For all these reasons and more, we continue to better ourselves at every step, helping to improve lives for everyone.

The group's activity is developed in several areas: sterilization, washing and surgical units. Design, manufacture, marketing and representation of international brands and own technical service as a base support for its customers, enable to provide integral solutions. The presence of MATACHANA GROUP is extensive in Spain, with technical and sales offices covering the entire territory.

MATACHANA GROUP is present in more than 110 countries on the five continents, one of the leading companies worldwide in the sterilization and infection control field.

We focus heavily on the application of new concepts and technologies to execute quality projects. A professional team of people is engaged in research, development, manufacturing, commercialization and after-sales service.

 MATACHANA: ensuring a sound experience. 




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