Post-Treatment for SBW


After the sterilization process and to reduce the volume and change the morphology of the waste, a shredder and/or compactor equipment can be provided, dimensioned according to the specific requirements of the center.

MATACHANA proposes a system in which the manipulation is minimal as regards the management and maintenance, so we firmly believe that the shredding/compacting process for volume reduction must be done at a later stage to sterilization to minimize risks of contamination.

The containers used for the treatment of SBW inside the sterilizer chamber, are designed and constructed in their shape, dimensioned aspect and fixing system according to DIN 30700 Standard. This makes them compatible with the lifting and tilting mechanisms from the transport of urban waste.



Other accessories

Depending on the needs of the center, MATACHANA can incorporate other equipment to the project, such as:

  • Containers weighing scale
  • Radioactivity detector
  • Waste refrigeration in the pre-sterilisation
  • Containers and bags for the collection and processing of waste
  • Water treatment
  • Steam generator
  • Refrigeration and reuse of clean condensates from the sterilizer
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