MATACHANA is a project based on effort, passion, knowledge and implication of hundreds of people. Our company has consolidated a loyal team that combines youth and experience and who identifies itself with the values that its founder, D. Antonio Matachana implemented straight from its origin, over 50 years ago.

Now, with the second generation forward, MATACHANA remains a family in which knowledge is transmitted from one to another, ensuring not only the sustainability of the project but also anticipating a promising future.


The MATACHANA deep understanding of sterilization across a wide variety of applications offers to the customer a large line of products. Our sterilizers are the result of many years of experience in the research, design and manufacturing of sterilization equipment.

All the members of MATACHANA team from our production sites, to our international subsidiaries, through engineers, commercial agents, designers, administrators and technicians are a key part of the project. We all aware that our task goes beyond the merely economic and business scopes. It has indeed a direct influence on the daily lives of many people around the world.


Quality is a clear objective, and all our products are made with high quality materials and manufacturing processes. Its development and validation are designed and carried out according to latest GAMP and cGMP standards. The sterilizers ensure the compliance with the applicable regulations in the pharmaceutical and biotech facilities.

The combination of standards, specifications and guidelines as well as accepted engineering and design methods are attempt to design, manufacture, operate, and maintain pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities taking into account not only regulatory compliance but also safety, economics, environmental protection.


A MATACHANA team of experts is beside the client and the manufacturing process of the sterilizer at all times maintaining communication at every step. Starting with the project analysis, followed by engineering development manufacturing, including the installation and commissioning at client site, they ensure that the project is carried out precise and exhaustively.

Having the best after-sales support is part of MATACHANA philosophy. The team of professionals that make up the Technical Engineering Support consists of service engineers, technicians and skilled experts with extensive knowledge of the wide range of MATACHANA products and extensive proven experience in managing facilities maintenance.


Innovation is the basis of our DNA: Our R+D+I Departments design and develop new solutions to meet current and future customer needs. The company is in continuous improvement to achieve the operational excellence thanks to the participation of our experts.

MATACHANA knows very well the positive link between the R&D and the productivity across all sectors. It is even more important in those sectors such as pharma and biotech which are in the front of innovation. For this reason, MATACHANA puts emphasis on continuous improvement of its products.

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