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The Autodesk Forum took place in Barcelona on October 5th under the title "El futuro comienza aquí” (The future begins here). The event was geared towards computer-aided design using BIM technology, which facilitates the exchange of information between all project participants. Autodesk, the world's largest manufacturer of this type of software, is the developer of AutoCAD and the Revit platform, used in MATACHANA's Competence Center for project development.
The Competence Center has made a great effort to implement a BIM system that communicates the different departments involved in a project (from commercial to factory) and keep the information updated in real time. Autodesk has acknowledged MATACHANA as one of the few European success stories of a manufacturing company that has successfully implemented a functional BIM system.
For this reason, through the Autodesk distributor we work with, the company SEYS invited Alfons Mera, Coordinator of the Competence Center, to make a presentation explaining what steps have been taken and the problems that have had to be faced and solved, being the driving force behind the BIM project in the company. The event, which was attended by more than 400 attendees dedicated to industry, architecture and engineering, had a great impact on several professional fields and has allowed MATACHANA to explain its experience in this field.

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