An innovative concept for a cutting-edge RUMED based on a close collaboration between MATACHANA and the Asklepios Kliniken in Hamburg/Germany.

The goal was set from the very beginning of the project: "We want to be at the forefront of technology", according to the Managing Director of Asklepios Klinik Nord in Hamburg.

On February 8, 2020, the official handover of the impressive MATACHANA installation took place with a total of 8 washers thermodisinfectors (including 2 large-capacity ones), 4 steam sterilizers with automatic unloading systems, 2 low-temperature sterilizers of different technologies (Peroxide/Plasma and Formaldehyde), an extensive system of MIS modules, as well as the new MATACHANA AL10 robotic system, which handles the entire reprocessing logistics on a fully autonomous basis and 24 hours a day, including automatic loading and unloading within the RUMED.

This state-of-the-art new concept makes the workflow in the disinfection and sterilization areas very efficient and also improves the ergonomics and safety of the staff. After intensive training by MATACHANA's technical service and a short familiarization period with the new systems, Asklepios Klinik Nord has achieved considerable time savings and a significant reduction in operating costs.

Especially in this difficult pandemic period, the topic of COVID-19 was and is, of course, ever-present, which is why we are particularly proud of this success story. We would like to thank all the persons involved for this excellent collaboration and wish them continued success!

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Participa en la campaña LATIDO 2021

RUMED: Reprocessing Units for Medical Devices

April 10th has been designated World Sterilization Sciences Day.

On account of this, and with the intention of highlighting and spreading throughout the world the important role that the sterilization units play in the Health Centers, we encourage you to contribute to this campaign, which will run through April 10th 2022.

Here is the straight forward challenge: we would like to receive your photos or videos on aspects related to the RUMED: professionalization, training, divulgation of new projects, etc.

All those wishing to participate can download the graphic material available on our website, computer desktop images, tablets and mobiles, or PDF documents to print posters so that you can decorate your environment and take original photographs or videos to join the 2021 HOSPITAL BEAT campaign!

Hospital Nacional Daniel Alcides Carrion, Callao, Peru

Hospital Nacional Daniel Alcides Carrion, Callao, Peru

Hospital Ntra Sra de Sonsoles, Àvila, España

Hospital Ntra Sra de Sonsoles, Àvila, España

Hospital Universitario de la Ribera, Alzira, España

Hospital Universitario de la Ribera, Alzira, España

Hospital Latorre, Soria, España

Hospital Latorre, Soria, España

Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal, Madrid, España

Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal, Madrid, España

Personaliza tus dispositivos con los fondos de pantalla

MATACHANA sponsor of the 1st Florence Nightingale Award organised by NasceCME Brazil

As part of the activities of dissemination and enhancement of RUMED, the Brazilian nursing group specialised in sterilization, NasceCME, promoted during the last semester of the year 2020 the 1st Award to the Project focused on the environmentalist theory of Florence Nigthingale and its relation with the Reprocessing Units of Medical Devices. This first edition was promoted in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

The papers were reviewed by 7 judges linked to the RUMED framework with a high level of knowledge and reputation in all areas.

The chosen topics were: the FIFO method in RUMED; the experience of a RUMED in a nursing home and the COVID-19 pandemic; surgical instrumentation and the setting up of cases; traceability in RUMED; management of activities in RUMED; the implementation of a class I Sterilization Unit in an outpatient clinic specialized in disabled persons, the Sterilization Central and the environmental theory of Florence Nightingale, which was the work deserving of this first prize.

From MATACHANA, we are very proud to have sponsored this first edition, with the sending of 3 books on "STERILIZATION of Medical Supplies by Steam", which were handed over to the three winning projects.

We would especially like to thank nurse Ana Miranda and the NasceCME group for their commitment to the scientific activities of RUMED, both in Brazil and internationally, as well as the visibility they are achieving with all their educational actions, revaluing the fundamental work developed by our reprocessing units in the Healthcare sector.



Video MATACHANA Christmas 2020

Although this year we cannot entirely celebrate Christmas in a normal way, as our lives are full of restrictions due to the measures taken by the Covid-19 pandemic, in MATACHANA we want to celebrate Christmas in a special way, as always.

This year our Christmas video wants to awaken in us this excitement and hope, inside all children with the arrival of Santa Claus, to keep dreaming and make a better future possible. We hope to be able to hug each other very soon, receive a visit from our Father Christmas again, share a good appetizer while the children open their presents and play games around us. While this is not possible, we invite you to click on Play in this video and live our Christmas once again.

To all of you, we wish you wholeheartedly a safe and happy 2021.

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Thank you MATACHANA webinars 2020

Thank you so much for participating in over 100 webinars, organised by MATACHANA during 2020. We have managed to exceed 4000 attendees thanks to all of you, and to the more than 25 speakers who have made these training sessions possible. We started our webinar platform due to the constraints on mobility generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The spectacular results and the good feedback from our customers, distributors and partners makes us proud and encourages us to continue focusing on this digital format as a means of training and knowledge dissemination.

We are already working on the future webinars for 2021, which we hope to be able to continue sharing with all of you. From MATACHANA we invite you to follow us on our LinkedIn corporate page, to be informed of all our novelties and future training courses that we will soon share all together.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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