Video MATACHANA Christmas 2020

Although this year we cannot entirely celebrate Christmas in a normal way, as our lives are full of restrictions due to the measures taken by the Covid-19 pandemic, in MATACHANA we want to celebrate Christmas in a special way, as always.

This year our Christmas video wants to awaken in us this excitement and hope, inside all children with the arrival of Santa Claus, to keep dreaming and make a better future possible. We hope to be able to hug each other very soon, receive a visit from our Father Christmas again, share a good appetizer while the children open their presents and play games around us. While this is not possible, we invite you to click on Play in this video and live our Christmas once again.

To all of you, we wish you wholeheartedly a safe and happy 2021.

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Thank you MATACHANA webinars 2020

Thank you so much for participating in over 100 webinars, organised by MATACHANA during 2020. We have managed to exceed 4000 attendees thanks to all of you, and to the more than 25 speakers who have made these training sessions possible. We started our webinar platform due to the constraints on mobility generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The spectacular results and the good feedback from our customers, distributors and partners makes us proud and encourages us to continue focusing on this digital format as a means of training and knowledge dissemination.

We are already working on the future webinars for 2021, which we hope to be able to continue sharing with all of you. From MATACHANA we invite you to follow us on our LinkedIn corporate page, to be informed of all our novelties and future training courses that we will soon share all together.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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MATACHANA Magazine Special Edition 2020-2021

We are delighted to share with all of you a new issue of our Magazine which this year in a special way is a biennial edition, with twice as many pages as the first editions! The reader will be able to discover all our news, as well as very interesting articles from our collaborators and people of international prestige within the Healthcare and Life Science sectors.

Since the pandemic broke out, we have not ceased to contribute with our actions in supporting our customers in the 5 continents. Despite physically not being able to keep in touch via trade fairs and conferences; due to the cancellation of the event, we have strengthened our social networks and online presence, organising more than 90 webinars in the different languages during the last few months. Furthermore, we have continued to strengthen our usual communication channels, such as the MATACHANA Magazine.

As for every edition, the cover is inspired by one of our main articles. This year, the image selected for the cover is a flamenco dancer dressed in a traditional red suit. With the leap of this dancer we want to symbolically highlight the advance towards a greater knowledge to confront all the health challenges that humanity is currently facing.

Hoping you’ll enjoy its reading!

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News Steam Sterilizer MATACHANA S1500

We introduce to you the new S1500 Series. An innovative line of equipment that completes the range of bulk-capacity steam sterilizers, combining productivity and profitability.

Steam sterilization in research centres, industry, laboratories and biosafety has very particular specifications and requirements. For this reason, MATACHANA sterilizers are designed and manufactured to provide maximum performance and the highest quality in this type of settings and centres.

For this new Series the flexibility, ergonomics and eco-efficiency of the equipment have been prioritized, in order to facilitate the installation of the sterilizers in any type of facility with different sizes, to dynamize the workflow in the different areas and to provide an efficient energy consumption that privileges maintenance and environmental protection.

The MATACHANA S1500 bulk steam sterilizers offer multiple advantages:

Easy maintenance: Components and instruments of renowned brands that are easily interchangeable and facilitate accessibility to the technical area for equipment service.

Ergonomics: Optimised loading and unloading systems for easy handling of bulky and heavy loads to reduce the number of load handlings.

Eco-friendly: Inclusion of heat recovery systems and vacuum systems, specially designed to reduce water and power consumption.

Design and ease of use: Elegance and innovation have been key points in the design of this new model. The stainless steel front with backlit panel allows to know the status of the equipment at any time. The 10.4" HMI control panel with EasyRUN interface provides an easy and intuitive user experience.

Connectivity: Able to connect via Ethernet or Wifi with remote diagnosis. Compatibility with EasyVIEW® software allows the monitoring of different devices and processes. In addition, the user interface is easily configurable with OPC and MODBUS connections to connect to the customer's HMI and SCADA for real-time data sharing.

Documentation: Download of cycle history thanks to the USB port located next to the integrated thermal printer. It can store up to 1000 cycles in memory and offers the option of a monitoring system for 21CFR compliance.

For more information about this equipment, please contact our sales team.

NEW Low Temperature Steam and 2% Formaldehyde sterilization study

NEW Low Temperature Steam and 2% Formaldehyde sterilization study

NEW Low Temperature Steam and 2% Formaldehyde sterilization study!
The Servicio de Medicina Preventiva y Salud Pública (Preventive Medicine and Public Health Service) of the University Hospital Ramón y Cajal (Madrid-Spain), recently announced the publication of a study entitled: "Filtering facepiece respirators decontamination using a low-temperature-steam-2% formaldehyde sterilisation process during a pandemic: a safe alternative for reuse" in “The Journal of Hospital Infection” magazine.

The results of this research, in which took part the Sterilization Central and the Instituto Ramón y Cajal de Investigación Sanitaria (IRYCIS)- (Institute for Health Research), indicate that sterilization by means of Low Temperature Steam and 2% Formaldehyde would be a fast, safe and effective alternative to the global shortage of respiratory protection equipment.

The study was carried out during the months of February, March and April on a large sample of ventilator models, and under conditions similar to real clinical practice; both in the reprocessing system and in the measurement of the adjustment factor. This research also involved the participation of the Instituto Nacional de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo (INSST) - (Institute of Safety and Health at Work).

NEW Low Temperature Steam and 2% Formaldehyde sterilization study

MATACHANA does NOT RECOMMEND the reprocessing of equipment classified as a single use product by its manufacturer, except in CASE OF SHORTAGE.


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