During the past 30 and 31 May, the “Colegio Oficial de enfermería de Barcelona” (Official College of Nursing of Barcelona) was the venue for the III Sterilization Seminar, whose chosen motto was: "The complexity of medical devices: the challenge of reprocessing". Under this topic and together with the expert group in sterilization of the medical-surgical commission, a series of conferences were developed where burning issues were emphasized within the RUMED (Reprocessing Units for Medical Devices): problems of reprocessing and sprouts registered with the flexible endoscopes, the incursion of the robotic surgery and the structural difficulties that we find before its reprocessing, the challenge of the ophthalmology and the new technologies, cannulated materials, etc. At the end of Friday afternoon, and requested through the surveys conducted in the previous edition, the "TOP 10" round was re-arranged, with open questions from the attendees to answer common questions that arise in our units. Elena Lorenzo, Infection Control Product Manager of MATACHANA, participated in this round.

In the afternoon of the first day, MATACHANA organized a visit to its production plant in Castelldefels, which was attended by 30 people from various hospitals. During this visit, a presentation was made on what the company MATACHANA is today, and 20-minute rotating activities were arranged, where attendees were able to observe the manufacturing process of a steam sterilizer, visit a sterilization museum, walk through a simulated Sterilization Central and attend a workshop to broaden their knowledge in low temperature sterilization technology. All the activities were very positively valued by the participants.

On May 30th, Enric Hernández, Product Manager for the washing and disinfection line, gave a presentation on the modern MATACHANA solutions for the reprocessing of flexible endoscopy, with a technical presentation from the regulatory and application point of view. From MATACHANA, we wanted to highlight the high level of oral communications and posters selected by the scientific committee of the event, which every day show the degree of professionalism and specialization that the RUMED have in the context of the hospital. We would also like to extend our congratulations and thanks to the organizing committee, which we encourage to maintain the critical and practical spirit that has always characterized them, so that the RUMED, as well as their assistant staff (nurses and TCAES), receive the consideration they deserve.

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