On August 30 and 31, 2018 and organized by the company H.STRATTNER, a scientific symposium took place within the program of activities of the SOBECC. The chosen theme, very topical in Brazil, was the problem of wet loads after steam sterilization, to try to analyze the causes and possible solutions to avoid this incidence. Its consequences, both from an organizational and economic point of view as well as in terms of patient safety, are of concern to RUMED personnel who, in many cases, do not know how to tackle this issue. Elena Lorenzo Marfil, MIEC Manager of the company MATACHANA, as well as Nurse Elaine F. Lasaponari, who is currently carrying out a postgraduate program at the Nursing School of the University of Sao Paolo and is the coordinator of the Central of Material and Sterilization of the German Hospital Oswaldo Cruz, shared an hour of talk to deal with this problem from different points of view. Together, they provided solutions for this risk occurrence. The talk aroused so much interest that on the 31st a new session was held to attend the persons who could not participate in the previous event due to lack of places. Therefore, the SOBECC agreed to its repetition despite not being included in the official program and more than 160 people were able to listen and learn from the explanations.

Many thanks to the SOBECC for this second opportunity!

At the end of the talk, the "CME, o coraçao de hospital" badge, which is the Brazilian version of the "RUMED, the hospital beat" campaign, which is so successful, was handed out to the public.

Many thanks to all the attendees for their interest and motivation in this topic. From MATACHANA we hope that the presentation has been useful.




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