From 2nd to 4th July, intensive theoretical/practical training sessions were held in ECUADOR, with the guidance of the MATACHANA distributors in that country, the company ALEM. The sessions were conducted by Elena Lorenzo, Infection Control Manager of MATACHANA and Mr. Edinson Porras, Area Manager for Latin America of our company.

On July 2nd, the first of the trainings took place at the MANTA Hospital, in the coastal region of Manabí. This hospital was built as a replacement for the building demolished by the effects of the great earthquake of 2015.

The new RUMED is equipped with 2 MATACHANA SC500 steam sterilizers, 1 MAT LD500 washer and the complementary furniture. The talk was attended by some 40 people from different hospitals of the Ministry of Health and the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS). The topics covered, which were expressly requested by the participants, focused on the standards and recommendations on sterile packaging applied to the different sterilization technologies, as well as concepts of manual cleaning, washing and automatic thermodisinfection and detergents. The training was completed with a visit to the hospital's own RUMED, where practical aspects of the loads’ preparation were discussed.

On July 3, we had the pleasure of gathering at the HILTON COLÓN Hotel in Quito, more than 35 people responsible for the main hospitals of the IESS, the Ministry of Health and some private clients. Among the participating hospitals, we highlight:  Carlos Andrade Martín Hospital, Baca Ortíz Hospital, IESS Cotollao, IESS Chibacalle, the Hospital Nacional de la Policía, IESS Quito Sur, San Francisco de Quito Hospital, Solca Hospital, Puyo Hospital, Guaranda Hospital and IESS Ibarra, among others. As in the previous day, the attendees had requested the topics to be discussed. However, during the participatory session, other aspects that arose as a result of the presentations were commented on: problems with water quality, effects on the instruments, reprocessing of material susceptible to being contaminated with prion proteins, types of detergents, etc. The session ended with a traditional Ecuadorian lunch served in the wonderful rooms of the hotel.

During the 4th of July, MIEC moved to the city of AMBATO, capital of the province of Tungurahua. That day was a monographic session on Low Temperature Steam Sterilization with hydrogen peroxide plasma, specifically, the MATACHANA 130HPO ® device. During the theoretical session, doubts related to cycle profiles, the use of hydrogen peroxide and the plasma concept were clarified. In the practical part, developed in the hospital's own RUMED, the different programs available for the sterilizer were reviewed and recommendations and corrections were made on the type of loads, to optimize the use of the equipment. The session was highly enriching and profitable, providing a unique opportunity for the manufacturer and the user to meet, resolve doubts and improve processes.

At MATACHANA, we would like to express our special thanks for the professionalism and enthusiasm with which the ALEM company has organized all these sessions and for the daily work of ALEM sales and technical staff in their country to promote and promote our products. Thank you so much for all your hard work!



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