MIEC from the ground up:
MATACHANA Collaboration with the 2nd Grade
Advanced module of "Orthoprosthesis and supporting products".

Last December, Cristina Cuenca, a 2nd grade student of orthoprosthesis at the Centro Integrado Público de Formación Profesional AUSIAS MARCH (Public Integrated Centre for Vocational Training) in Valencia, had the opportunity to give a talk on personalised medical treatment and the importance of sterilization in the work area, explaining the different methods and processes that are usually applied in clinics and hospitals to obtain a material in perfect aseptic conditions prior to its use on patients.

The aim of the talk was to make known and broaden the knowledge on these topics, in order to establish the information received during the course on the world of sterilization. The attendees, all of them students of orthopedics, actively participated in the talk, asking questions and making comments about Cristina's exposition.

We reproduce literally the acknowledgments that Cristina expressed at the end of her talk:

"I take this opportunity to thank Carolina Part and Vicente Aguilar for the initiative of CIFPF AUSIAS MARCH and Elena Lorenzo as head of MATACHANA Infection Control, for their collaboration to make the event possible. And I encourage you to enter the world of sterilization”.

From MATACHANA we join the words of Cristina, so that sterilization and in general, all the reprocessing of medical devices receive the recognition they deserve and increasingly, the professionals of the future are better trained in these aspects to contribute to the safety of our patients.

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