Keeping on with the premise "Training as a basic pillar for the Sterilization Sciences", on the 11th and 22nd of May, 2 educational sessions focused on "The added value of monitoring in RUMED" were held in collaboration with the company ASEPSIS and NORBERT WIENER University, from Peru.

The first session, organised in Webinar format, counted on Dr. Nelson Carreras Sangrá, Global Product Manager for the consumable line at MATACHANA, as well as Director of the MATEC laboratory, who explained to the numerous South American attendees, the reason for the use of monitoring in RUMED and the differential value that the different Chemical and Biological Indicators bring to each process.

In a second scenario and structured as a master class, Giovanna Ruiz Beltrán, Clinical Specialist for LATAM in MATACHANA, shared experiences with the Peruvian nursing professionals who are studying the speciality in Sterilization Central Management, on the use of routine control indicators and their qualitative contribution to the different stages of reprocessing.

From MATACHANA, we would like to thank Licenciada Rosa Carbajal, Operations Manager at ASEPSIS and Coordinator of the second speciality in Sterilization Central Management, for her initiative to promote training opportunities. We also take this opportunity to congratulate her for her contribution to the development of procedures related to the reprocessing of medical devices in Peru.



On 21 April 2021, staff training and the start-up of the Hospital Latorre took place, a modern facility that will provide healthcare services in the city of Soria (Spain). In fact, it will be the first private healthcare institution in the city.

During the day, there was a theoretical training on basic aspects related to the prevention of nosocomial infections and a very intense practical part, focused on the use of the different equipment that MATACHANA has developed for the hospital. the different devices that MATACHANA has installed in this hospital.

Specifically, MATACHANA has supplied all this equipment: 1 integrated ultrasound with 24-litre tank, 2 MAT LD500 thermodisinfector washers, 1 CANTEL ISA reprocessor, 1 MATACHANA S1006 sterilizer, 1 MATACHANA S100 sterilizer, 1 MATACHANA 50 HPO® hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, as well as several bedpan washer-disinfectors distributed throughout the facility.

MATACHANA would like to thank the great interest shown by all the staff and the high level of participation of the attendees.

At the end of the session, MATACHANA handed over the poster "Latimos más que nunca" (beating more than ever), the slogan of our last RUMED visibility campaign, wishing that the Hospital Latorre becomes a health reference in the province of Soria.



On 7 April, MATACHANA started its second series of WEBINARS of the year 2021, with an inspiring seminar on "Biofilms and their impact on the reprocessing of medical devices". More than 195 persons from Spain and South America participated in this session, where the mechanisms of biofilm generation and the biochemical properties that cause their high resistance to aseptic processes developed in RUMED were reviewed. The conditions that favour their formation and the threat they pose to the correct reprocessing of instruments were also reviewed.

Finally, an analysis was made of the new generations of multi-enzymatic detergents that have been developed specifically to prevent the proliferation of this form of microbial resistance, considered one of the main causes of infection transmitted in hospitals.

After the presentation, an extensive debate over the questions was generated with the attendees, which solved many everyday doubts of our sterilization units.

In parallel with the broadcast, there was a draw of 3 books by the engineer Jan Huys, on "Sterilization of Medical Supplies by Steam", which went to these 3 supervisors of RUMED:

  • Sra. Maria Aramburu, from the Hospital Arquitecto Marcide de Ferrol, La Coruña
  • Sra. Adela Maria Antuña, from the Medical Centre of Asturias, Spain
  • Sra. María Pérez Hernández, from the Hospital Universitario la Candelaria, Tenerife

Thank you very much to all the participants and congratulations to the winners. We look forward to seeing you in our next Webinars!


AEEED endorsement for the training course on flexible endoscopy reprocessing held at the Morales Meseguer Hospital in Murcia, Spain.

On 9 March 2021, the 1st course on flexible endoscopy reprocessing was held at the Morales Meseguer Hospital in Murcia, Spain. Coinciding with the installation and commissioning of 3 CANTEL ADVANTAGE PLUS reprocessors and a CANTEL ISA reprocessor/sterilizer, the hospital, together with the technical participation of MATACHANA, prepared interesting training sessions with free access to all hospital staff in the theoretical session and specifically for endoscopy staff in the intense workshop.

During the course, aspects related to cleaning, disinfection, drying and transport of flexible endoscopes were combined, using the ESGENA reprocessing guidelines as a reference. There was also an update on clinical microbiology, highly focused on the current pandemic and the prevention and education campaigns undertaken, which are vital to understand and protocolise work guidelines and appropriate prevention measures in these units.

The Asociación Española de Enfermería en Endoscopia Digestiva (AEEED)- Association of Digestive Endoscopy Nurses,- has recognised this course as "Activity promoting the development of scientific/technical training for endoscopy nurses", following its recognition in endoscopy, after analysing the documentation and considering that both the organisation and the proposed topics were coherent with the objective of interrelation and dissemination of knowledge expressed in the statutes of the AEEED.

MATACHANA, together with the Morales Meseguer Hospital, is pleased with the recognition received, highlighting the importance of the processes developed in the units of flexible reprocessing units and their crucial importance for patient safety.



To end this difficult 2020, and in line with the premise "Training, as one of the pillars of the Sterilization Sciences", two MATACHANA distribution companies in Colombia and Paraguay, held virtual seminars during the month of December.

KAIKA, in Colombia and in synergy with the ASOCIACIÓN COLOMBIANA DE CENTRALES DE ESTERILIZACIÓN (Colombian Association of Sterilization Centrals), organized the seminar "Advice on the reprocessing of medical devices potentially contaminated by prions". On this occasion, ELENA LORENZO, Infection Control Manager at MATACHANA, explained to the audience in a clear and detailed way, the European experience regarding this type of reprocessing, providing valuable references, to the RUMED of South American countries, if there are suspicious and/or confirmed cases of material contaminated by prions. It was a presentation, with a different topic to those held during the year, and obtained very good reviews from the attendees.

In Paraguay, CASA BOLLER organised two educational days, where GIOVANNA RUIZ, Clinical Specialist in MATACHANA, discussed "The medical device reprocessing unit, as a guarantee for patient safety". The presentation reaffirmed the RUMED as a strategic unit in health care and claimed its importance within patient safety practices and infection control committees.

These activities confirm the value of continuing education for RUMED professionals and demonstrate a commitment to training despite the physical barriers created by the pandemic.



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