The MATACHANA hermetic swivel doors have been designed to comply with the environmental requirements in which the hygiene control and the noise reduction are essential components. This door model includes an inflatable pneumatic gasket, guaranteeing tightness in containment areas, and bio-safety laboratories which present high risks of contamination. 

The doors are suitable for use in installations of high hygiene standards, soundproofing and/or thermal insulation, and are designed to respond to the highest requirements of the scientific environment, such as research laboratories, production zones of the pharmaceutical industry, medical clean areas (free of particles), biosafety, decontamination SAS, etc., as well as other areas such as biopharmaceutical and hospital fields. They can also be installed in areas of drug manufacturing, powders handling areas, sterile zones and places needing these requirements in companies from the electronics, computer sectors, as well as other activities in which the number of particles in the air or special cleaning and sealing conditions are strictly controlled.


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