The MATACHANA company develops and implements the design and manufacturing of different AIR AND WATER SHOWERS. 

These showers have been designed to adapt to the requirements of zones with strictly controlled environmental parameters, as for instance critical areas or clean rooms (free of particles) of diverse sectors as for example: research centers, animals facility, biocontainment laboratories, etc., to prevent from the potential cross contaminations, and generally in the types of industry that might require them. In each case, they can be adapted to specific customer needs.

Regarding in and out processes of the staff, problems of contamination through particles may happen. MATACHANA GROUP Air / Water showers represent an efficient solution to avoid this type of contamination, and protect the controlled environment of the area.

These devices have been conceived and developed using the latest technologies and materials of high quality


Applied regulations

The MAT DA air shower complies with the existing directives applied in the European Union.

it is assigned with the CE marking and follow the following directives:

  •     European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
  •     Electromagnetic compatibility  (EMC) 2014/30/EU
  •     Low voltage 2014/35/EU
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