MAT LD1000

The MAT LD1000 thermal washer-disinfector has been specially designed for use in sterilization centrals as well as in a surgical block or other departments, or care centers where the decontamination of materials is required. Our MAT LD1000 model combines innovation, technology and ergonomics with the reliability, functionality and performance characteristic of MATACHANA equipment.

The MAT LD1000 thermal washer-disinfector has the following qualities:

  • Compact surface of only 820 mm x 1995 mm x 936 mm
  • Up to 18 baskets of 1/1 DIN in 6 levels
  • 25 liters of water per phase, reduced chemicals consumption
  • Minimization of water and energy consumption, achieving cost savings per cycle and an increase in daily productivity
  • Rack recognition and automatic cycle start using RFID wireless technology
  • Dosing monitoring with flowmeters
  • EasyRUN user interface and 7" touch screen integrated in the frontal panel  
  • Door locking system that prevents simultaneous opening
  • Ergonomic loading height
  • Low noise level
  • Installation under NULLGAP format, that allows to install up to 2 MAT LD100 washer disinfectors in 2 meters wide
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to the control of variables and cycle parameters that optimize the consumption of water, energy and chemicals




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