Miniclave M20-B PLUS

Table top steam sterilizer. A great past used for the benefit of sterilization

The MATACHANA sterilizer M20-B plus confirms the latest technology in steam sterilization applied to a table top sterilizer. It is designed to meet the daily needs encountered in day care centers, casualty department, dentists, hygienists, aesthetics cabinets, veterinary practices, etc., and is likewise very necessary as a support device in the surgical block.

  • Vacuum system equivalent to the large sterilizers
  • Microcomputer controlled  with non-stop monitoring of cycle development 
  • Easy to operate by means of touch screen with user’s menu simple and intuitive
  • Integrated memory card for easy storage of a large number of cycles. Additionally a card reader is incorporated to view, print and save the different cycles in a PC
  • Patented system that automatically adjusts the drying time depending on the volume of the load. Significant reduction in cycle times. ECO-DRY FUNCTION
  • Programmable cycle start
  • Low consumption of water and power
  • Integrated conductivity sensor
  • Patented system of filter and water separator to extend the vacuum pump lifespan
  • Integrated automatic system for water tanks’ supply and drain
  • RS-232 communication port
  • Compatible with EasyLOOK®
  • External printer (optional)


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