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Matachana sterilizers incorporate the latest technological advances and comply with the highest safety, quality and 
environmental standards, offering the highest levels of reliability and productivity.

Matachana, European leader in sterilization, develops and manufactures sterilizers for specific uses in very different sectors: hospitals and health centres, research centres and industry in general.

Many professionals in the health sector – surgeons, dentists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, gynaecologists and chiropodists, for example, use Matachana's products to guarantee the safety of their patients and themselves; whilst the science and industrial sectors find equipment tailored to their needs that only a specialist could develop.


Sterilizers for health sector:


- 21E
- 21ED
- M20-B and M30-B


- S100
- SC500
- S1000
- S2000

130 LF






Sterilizers RBE:






Sterilizers for the scientific sector:

Research centres:

- SC 500 I.
- Serie 1000 I.
- Serie 2000 I.






Sterilizers for the industry


- S1000 I.
- Serie 2000 I.