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The Matachana Group
develops complete sterilization solutions for hospitals, laboratories, research centres and industry in general. It is the leading manufacturer of sterilizers in Europe, with a worldwide presence through subsidiaries in France, Germany, Argentina, and Malaysia and also distributors in more than 65 countries.

Matachana is a global provider to the hospital sector, offering solutions for all hospital departments: sterilization centres, surgical areas, the morgue (autopsy rooms), hospital catering. We produce equipment that is adapted to the specific needs of laboratories and industry and that could only be developed by a sterilization expert.
In addition, all of our customers can rely on the support of our own technical service, in a modern, technical projects office, as well as the training and advice necessary to ensure the correct operation of the equipment.

Matachana is also one of the best known brands in the catering sector in Spain. We implement complete kitchen projects incorporating the latest technology and traditional kitchen installations for restaurants, hospitals and other entities in general. Proven experience and professionalism since 1962.